Status tab features


The Status tab is a section within Altegio that provides real-time updates on the status of appointments. This tab allows you to quickly and easily see if the appointment is pending, in process, canceled, or confirmed.

The Status tab provides a convenient platform for managing appointments. In this tab, users can:

1. Easily modify the status of an appointment, whether it is pending, in process, canceled, or confirmed.

2. Update the total cost of the appointment, including or excluding discounts, to ensure accurate billing.

3. Add new services and products, making it easy to keep track of all items provided during the appointment.

4. Securely pay for the appointment using multiple payment options, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience for both users and customers.

The following payment options are available:

1. Save and proceed to checkout - This option will direct you to the Checkout tab, where you can select a designated cash register for payment and redeem loyalty cards, if applicable.

2. Cash and Credit Card - These options allow for quick and convenient payment, with the ability to indicate payment with a single click. The total amount will be automatically deposited into the default cash register for the chosen payment method, as specified in the Finance - Accounts and cash registers section.


• The Status tab includes a helpful feature for leaving comments related to the financial aspect of the appointment. The Note field provides a space for users to enter any relevant comments about the financial transaction. This information will then be visible in the Finance - Financial transactions section under the Comment column.

• Additionally, if the appointment status is set to No-show, all details about the appointment will be hidden except for the Note field, ensuring that important information is not lost. This feature enables you to keep track of important financial details, even for appointments that are not completed as scheduled.