Status tab features

In this tab you can:

  1. Change status for the visit.
  2. Edit the total cost of services (including or excluding discounts).
  3. Add services and sell products.
  4. Pay for the appointment using two options:
  • Save and proceed to checkout — this option will open the Checkout tab where you can select a Cash Register for payment and use loyalty cards.
  • Cash and Credit Card — either of these options allow you to indicate payment with a single click. If you use this option the total amount will be deposited into the default cash register for this payment method (you can configure cash registers in the Finance Accounts and cash registers section).



  1. If you want to leave a comment for financial operation you can use the Note field. Information you enter in this field will be displayed in the Finance Financial transactions section in the Comment column.
  2. After you set the status of the appointment to No Show all information about the visit will be hidden except for the Note field.