Repeat (Schedule) tab features

Repeating individual booking

With Altegio's "Repeat" tab, you can easily automate your bookings and save yourself the hassle of creating a new appointment every time. Here's how:

1. Open the booking and navigate to the "Repeat" tab.

2. Enter a name for your template and select the frequency with which you'd like to repeat the booking.

3. Click "Create template". You can select this template in the future to configure other appointments.

4. Specify the start date and time for the repetition of the booking.

5. Indicate the maximum number of iterations or the end date for repetitions.

6. Choose whether you want the booking to be repeated with or without a client.

7. Click "Save" to create recurring appointments in your schedule.

To create recurring group bookings simply follow these steps:

1. Open the event and navigate to the "Schedule" tab.

2. Configure the schedule settings to meet your needs. You can find detailed instructions for schedule configuration in this article.

3. Once you've configured the schedule, you can easily create recurring group bookings without having to manually add each event.