Repeat (Schedule) tab features

Repeating individual booking

You can automatically repeat individual bookings, this setting allows you to skip making a new booking in the Appointment Calendar every time.

To create a Repeat template in the booking open the Repeat tab.

  1. Enter the name for the template and select the frequency with which you need to repeat the booking, click the Create template button. You’ll be able to select this template in the future to configure other appointments.
  2. Indicate the date and time when repetition of the booking should start.
  3. Indicate either maximum number of iterations or end date for repetitions.
  4. Select how you want this booking to be repeated: either with or without a client.
  5. Click Save to create recurring appointments in the schedule.


You can create recurring group bookings by configuring Schedule for events. By default, the Repeat tab in events is replaced by the Schedule tab but you can switch between the two. You can find detailed instruction for Schedule configuration in this article.