Categories for bookings and events

What is it and what is it for?

Altegio lets you add bookings, events and clients to certain categories. Categories are labels with names and icons that are displayed in the Appointment Calendar and Client’s cards and help you easily understand what category a certain booking, event or client belongs to.

Appointment Categories

There are four default categories for bookings: Full online payment, Partial online payment, This specialist only, Any staff member.

  1. Full online payment category means that the client fully prepaid the visit using the online payment option.
  2. Partial online payment category means that the client has prepaid the visit partially using online payment.
  3. This specialist only category means that the client made their booking for a specific staff member.
  4. Any staff member category means that the client skipped selection of staff member when making their appointment and the booking was created for a random unoccupied specialist. You may reschedule this booking for another employee if you need to.


You cannot delete or edit these categories.

You can use default categories as well as add your own categories. Altegio users often create categories related to the source of the booking and categories for clients (VIP, loyal clients, new clients, difficult clients, etc.). You can edit or delete such categories.

When creating or editing a booking in the Appointment Calendar you’ll be able to select one or several categories for an appointment. 


After you set categories their icons will be displayed in the booking’s card in the Appointment Calendar. You’ll see the name of the category when hovering your cursor over the icon.


Event categories

There are no default categories for events. You can create your own categories for events to tag group bookings.

You can add more than one category to events when creating or editing them in the Appointment Calendar.


After you do that, icons for event categories will appear in the Appointment Calendar and you’ll see the names of categories by hovering your cursor over them.


Client categories

You can also add clients to different categories. There are 3 default client categories: VIP, Loyal and Permanent. You can find a detailed instruction on adding and using such categories in the Client categories article.

How can you create a category?

Go to the Settings Category section, click the category type you’d like to add and click the Add a category button.

Enter the name for the category, select color for the tag and icon (for Appointment category), click Save. Your new category will appear in the list.


To edit or delete the category click the edit button next to its name.