Categories for bookings and events

What is it and what is it for?

Altegio makes it easy to categorize your bookings, events, and clients to help you stay organized. Categories are labels that can be assigned names and icons, which are displayed in the Appointment Calendar and Client's cards, making it easy to understand what category a booking, event, or client belongs to.

Appointment Categories

In Altegio, there are four default categories for bookings, each with its own unique meaning:

  1. Full online payment: This category indicates that the client has fully prepaid their visit using the online payment option.
  2. Partial online payment: This category indicates that the client has partially prepaid their visit using online payment.
  3. This specialist only: This category indicates that the client has made their booking for a specific staff member.
  4. Any staff member: This category indicates that the client skipped the selection of staff members when making their appointment, and the booking was created for a random unoccupied specialist. If needed, you can easily reschedule this booking for another employee.


These default categories cannot be deleted or edited. However, you can use these categories alongside creating your own customized categories to suit your needs. Altegio users often create categories based on the source of the booking or client types (VIP, loyal, new, easy-going etc.), and other relevant criteria. You can easily edit or delete these customized categories as necessary.

When creating or editing a booking in the Appointment Calendar, you can select one or several categories for an appointment.


Once you have set up the categories, their icons will be displayed in the booking's card on the Appointment Calendar. When you hover your cursor over the icon, you will see the name of the corresponding category.


Event categories

In Altegio, there are no default categories for events. However, you can easily create your own categories to help you tag and organize your group bookings.

When creating or editing an event in the Appointment Calendar, you can add one or more categories to it.


After you do that, icons for event categories will appear in the Appointment Calendar and you’ll see the names of categories by hovering your cursor over them.


Client categories

You can easily categorize your clients to help you stay organized. There are three default client categories: VIP, Loyal, and Permanent. To add and use client categories, you can refer to the detailed instructions provided in the "Client categories" article.

How can you create a category?

Go to the Settings Category section, click the category type you’d like to add, and click the "Add a category" button.

Enter the name for the category, select a color for the tag and icon (for the Appointment category), and click Save. Your new category will appear in the list.

To edit or delete the category click the Edit button next to its name.