Making bookings for online classes

Altegio allows you to automate online group classes by sending instructions and webinar links directly to your clients.

How does this work?

1. Begin by creating an event and making bookings for clients within the Appointment Calendar. Once you have done so, navigate to the "Instructions" tab located in the side panel of the event.

2. Within the "Instructions" tab, you can enter the link to your online class and customize the text of the notification as needed. Once you have made any necessary changes, be sure to click "Save" to ensure that your instructions are properly saved.


The booking button will be generated automatically based on the link that you entered in this tab.

3. To send instructions to your clients go to the "Notifications" tab:


You’ll be able to resend the notifications from the same tab if necessary:


You can view all messages you had sent in the "Overview Messages" section.

Configuring notification


1. To configure the notification type go to the "Settings — System settings — Notifications" settings and open the "Types of notifications" tab.

Select the "Confirmation of a customer booking made via online booking widget" notification type, then navigate to the "Settings" tab.

2. Within the "Settings" tab, be sure to change the status to "Enabled" and set the Email channel to "Always send". Please note that currently, sending information about events is only available for the email channel.

3. Once you have made any necessary changes, click "Save" to ensure that your notification settings are properly updated.