Configuring events (group booking)

Before creating group bookings for your clients you’ll need to configure your Appointment Calendar first in the Settings — Main settings — Appointment Calendar section (read more here).

You’ll also need to select and configure services for group bookings. Go to the Settings — Main settings — Services section, select a service and click the Edit button. In the Main settings tab select Event in the Booking type section and specify the Capacity for this service (number of participants in a certain event). Don’t forget to click Save.


New event

To create a new event, click the date you want to create an event for in the Calendar to open the schedule for that day. Select the staff member and time you want to create this group booking for. Click the New booking button that appears when you hover your cursor over the free time in the Appointment Calendar.

  1. Select Event booking type.


In the new window indicate the following:

  1. Select a staff member. Staff member you created this event for will be selected by default.
  2. Select a service.
  3. Capacity will be indicated automatically (will be taken from the service settings), however, you can edit it if you need to.
  4. Select a Resource. You can assign several resources if you need to. To do this, click the downward arrow button in the Resource field and check resources in the list. You need to uncheck the resource to delete it.
  5. Change the date and time if you need to.
  6. Duration will be indicated automatically (will be taken from the service settings), however, you can edit it if you need to.
  7. You can also select color for the booking and add categories and comment.

Once you’re done, don’t forget to click either the Save button or Register clients button. Using the first option you'll be able to save your settings and return to making bookings for clients later. Using the second option you’ll be redirected to the Clients tab and you’ll be able to immediately make bookings for clients for this event. Also, you can click the Go to Schedule button to configure the schedule for this event (read about this in more detail in this article).


Editing an event and making bookings for clients

You can edit and delete all settings for an event. To do this, select an event you’d like to change in the Appointment Calendar, click it and go to the Current event tab, edit the information and Save. To delete an event click the Delete button in the same tab. You can also delete events in the Overview Events section (read more about this here). 

Here you can start making bookings for your clients as well. To do this, either click the Register clients button or open the Clients tab. 

Enter information about the client in the window that opens: enter their Name, Phone, Number of spots (if the client is making a booking for several persons using just their phone, number of spots will include the client as well; if the client is making a booking for a visitor, e.g., a child, and you want to save information about them use the instruction below), Email and Loyalty (loyalty card, membership or gift card number). Click the Enroll button. 


Data about each client will appear in the Clients list below the information entry form.

Using Clients tab you can:

  • view number of visits for each client by hovering cursor over the Information button;
  • go to the Appointment details window and edit all the necessary information (learn about working with this window in the Working with appointments article) to do this, click the Name of the client;
  • change the visit status and proceed to payment with one click; to do this, click either the downward arrow button or any other spot in the client’s line.


Booking a visitor for an event

You can make a booking for a child or another person even if they don’t have a personal phone number. To do that make a booking for them using the phone number of your primary client and indicate name of the visitor.

  1. To add a visitor enter your client’s name then click the person with a plus icon to the right of the client’s name.
  2. Enter visitor’s name and click Enroll button.
  3. All visitors will have a person icon to the right of their name.

To view history of visits and information about the visitor click their name to open the card of the client you used to make a booking, then select tab needed in the Visitor section.


Repeating and scheduling events

Any event can be automatically repeated so you wouldn’t have to create each new event in the Appointment Calendar every time, and it also allows you to save events together with bookings and information on clients.

By default, when creating an event the Schedule tab will be shown, however, you can switch between the tabs. Detailed instruction on setting the schedule can be found here.


Main difference between functionality of Schedule and Repeat tabs is that using Schedule you can create a unified chain/linked events as well as edit them simultaneously, and using Repeat tab you simply copy an existing event and create separate events using templates.

Go to the Repeat tab in the event to create a Repeat template.

  1. Name the template and select how often you need to repeat this event, click Create Template button. In the future you’ll be able to select this template to configure other events.
  2. Specify the Time and Start repeat date for the event.
  3. Indicate the maximum number of Iterations or the End date for the repetition.
  4. Choose how you want to repeat events: either including or not including enrolled clients.
  5. Click Save.

After this repeated events will appear in the Appointment Calendar.


If you need to delete events for some reason (e.g. you created an extra number of repetitions, don’t have enough clients to form a group, etc.) you can delete them en masse in the Overview — Events section (read more about this here).