Information in Client’s card

In the client's card, you can access 11 sections that contain all the information you have on the client, such as personal details, booking history, appointment details and more.

Information about your clients is considered personal data and should be stored and processed in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations on data protection and privacy.

Section with information about the client contains the following information:

  • Client’s name
  • Mobile phone
  • Additional phone
  • Email
  • Category
  • Gender
  • Importance
  • Discount
  • Card number
  • Date of birth
  • Additional field (read about additional fields in detail in this article)
  • Comment
  • Check the box to disable online booking for this client
  • Sum sold - sum this client received services and products for
  • Sum paid - sum this client paid for all products and services
  • Balance
  • Information about mobile app installed (this will include information about the platform and date of latest usage)
  • Information on card installed (read about this in detail in the article)

Visit history

This section displays all appointments made by the client, including the staff member who provided the service, the service itself, products purchased during the appointment, discounts applied, payments made, comments on the appointments, and locations visited by the client.

This section displays data on revenue from a client and preferences within a selected timeframe.

Sent messages

This section displays a list of all messages that have been sent to the client across all channels, including the type of message, its status, the date and time it was sent, and the content of the message.

Send message

In this section, you can send a personalized message to your client using three different channels: SMS, Push message, or Email.


The Loyalty program section shows the client's current status in the loyalty program, and allows you to issue or delete a loyalty card for them.

Here you will also see all gift cards and memberships, as well as loyalty cards, that were ever issued to this client and information on them:

  • sum of all payments;
  • number of visits;
  • discount amount;
  • bonuses accrued;
  • promotions assigned to each card;
  • history of all transactions for this card: date, promotion, payment sum or amount of bonuses accrued;
  • how many bonuses will be canceled and when;
  • tab where you can manually accrue or write off bonuses.

Learn about all features of the Loyalty section (discount and bonus promotions, gift cards and memberships) in the articles by following the link.

Deposit accounts

The Deposit account feature enables you to deposit and make advance payments into a client's personal account, allowing them to use the funds during their next appointment or to pay for services for their child. Read about Customer accounts in detail in this article.

Call history

Here, in the Calls section, you can view the history of calls made with your clients, and listen to the recorded calls if you have integrated with a Cloud telephony service.


You can configure certain types of notifications to be sent to a client in the client's card or switch off specific notifications.



Altegio allows you to upload files related to your clients, store them securely, download them, and delete them as needed. You can upload files in various formats such as jpeg, jpg, png, gif, doc, docx, pdf, xls, xlsx, and txt. The maximum file size allowed is 12 megabytes.