Uploading a list of clients from Excel

To upload a list of clients from Excel go to the "Clients Client Database" section, click the "Operations with Excel" button and select Upload from Excel.

There are two ways to upload information:

  • copy and paste
  • upload file

Copy and paste

Paste data you copied from the spreadsheet and click Upload.

Upload file

Drag and drop the file into the window or upload it from your computer. You can upload files with .csv, .xls and .xlsx formats and no more than 12MB in size. You can upload only 1 file at a time.

In the window that opens match data with the column headers: Name (Required), Phone (Required), Additional phone, Email, Comment, Date of birth, Gender, Total spend, Paid, Discount, Card. Click Save.


  1. You can upload no more than 500 lines of the spreadsheet at a time when using the copy and paste option and only a single file at a time when using the upload file option.
  2. To upload gender either use the M and F letters or 1 and 2 numbers accordingly.
  3. Date of birth needs to be indicated in the DD-MM (Day-Month) or DD-MM-YYYY (Day-Month-Year) format.