Client’s balance

The balance represents the difference between the sums paid by the client and the cost of services provided and products sold to them. This feature allows you to keep track of the client's debts and the amount deposited by them.

Balance is indicated in the client’s card and cannot be changed because it is calculated based on the data from Sold and Paid fields.

  • Sold - total cost of services and products client purchased in all appointments with the "Arrived" status.
  • Paid - total sum of all payments for each appointment.

To add a client's advance payment, you can change the Paid sum to include the advance payment. As a result, the Balance will increase by the amount of the advance payment. If you want to decrease the Balance, you can finish the appointment without indicating payment for it. This will reduce the cost of services provided and products sold, thus reducing the Balance.

We advise you to use the Customer accounts module to account for advance payment or deposits from your clients. You can find detailed information on working with them in this article.