Creating new calculation criteria

Go to the Payroll - Calculation criteria section. Click the Add a criterion button and in the new window add all information and click the Save button.

1. Indicate the Name, for instance, Services 20 000.

2. Indicate the Period during which the criterion will be applied: month or day (if you select day then turnover or profit will be considered from the first day of the month for which payroll is calculated).

3. Add Conditions that will apply different calculation rules (read about that in greater detail here). Select options that will apply the rule:

  • WHAT will affect the payroll: ternover, profit or quantity of services/products;
  • for WHOM will this exceeding sum be considered: was it received by a single professional or the whole location;
  • FOR WHAT will this sum be considered: for services and/or products;
  • sum that EXCEEDS turnover, profit or quantity of services/products;
  • whether this sum should be INCL. DISCOUNTS for clients (as well as payments using bonuses and gift cards) or not.

Criterion template:

Whether the turnover/profit/quantity for professional/location for providing services and/or sales of products will exceed the sum of *** $ including/not including discounts.

An example of criterion given:

If the profit for the location for providing services and sale of products exceeds 20000 not including discounts.


If you select Quantity in the criteria then in the FOR WHAT section you’ll be able to limit services and/or products that will be taken into account during calculation.


If you want calculation to take into account only payments for haircuts, select only this category (or separate services in it) by checking boxes next to such services.