How to set a calculation chart?

Altegio allows you to automatically calculate payroll for employees, create, configure and edit different calculation charts.

To create a calculation chart first you’ll need to configure calculation rules and criteria. Afterwards you’ll need to assign rules and criteria to each other.

Configuration and editing

Go to Payroll - Calculation charts section. Here you will see all charts created and can edit and delete them.

To create a new calculation chart you need to click the Add a chart button. In the new window enter all necessary information and click the Save button. Read about these settings in more detail in the Creating new calculation chart article.

An example of the chart created:


After the chart is created and configured you’ll need to select employees for payroll calculation of which this chart will be used. To do that open the calculation chart, open the Staff tab and click the Add staff button.

1. Select staff members from the list, and to do that click the Add staff button.

2. In the Date field indicate since when the payroll for the employee must be calculated according to this calculation chart.

3. Click the Save button