Creating new calculation chart

Go to the Payroll – Calculation charts section. Click the Add a chart button, in the new window edit all information and click the Save button.

1. Indicate the Name, for instance, Calculation chart for hairdressers.

2. Indicate the Type of the chart. There are two types of calculation charts: standard and planned.

2.1. Standard calculation chart: payroll will be calculated based on the standard rule (indicated in the same section after selecting the type of chart).

2.2. Planned calculation chart: payroll will be calculated according to the algorithm.

During the algorithm setup, criteria and rules are assigned to each other. Each criterion is associated with specific conditions that, if met, will result in payroll being calculated according to the assigned rule. If the conditions are not met, the system will either apply the Standard rule (if specified in the same section) or move on to check the Next criterion. You can set up multiple criteria and rules in the same manner to achieve more complex payroll calculations.

If conditions for either criteria won’t work then the payroll will be calculated based on the Standard rule. Criteria should be placed in the descending order of their difficulty to meet. If the criterion is met it will stop the checking of other criteria and that is why the most difficult to meet criterion should be placed above criteria that are easier to meet.

3. Indicate the Standard rule: select the one needed in the drop-down menu.


When creating a calculation chart you can create a new rule and/or criterion. To do that click the Add a rule, Add a criterion button.


You can read about these settings in greater detail in Creating new calculation rule and Creating new calculation criterion articles.