What is it and what is it for?

In the Payroll - Settlements section all operations for calculations and payments of payroll to employees will be shown. To view the data for a specific staff member select the period and employee, then click the Show button.

Here you will see the date and purpose for calculations, calculation sums (receipts) and payments (expenditures) as well as remainder of payroll sums (balance).

How to calculate the salary

To calculate the payroll go to the Payroll - Settlements section and click the Create a payroll sheet button.

When you go to the payroll creation you need to select the dates of beginning and end of the calculation period, the employee for whom the payroll is calculated, as well as a comment. After that you need to click the Create a payroll sheet button.


In the new window you will see the detailed information on the calculation. Here you will be able to Issue a reward and/or a penalty. You can read about issuing rewards and penalties in detail here.

Also in the Payroll - Settlements section you’ll be able to Create a priority payment for the employee. See more in the Priority payment article.

After creating a payroll sheet you will be able to Save and send payroll sheet and Save as a draft the sheet you’ve created, the draft allows you to calculate the payroll without accruing it. Here you will also be able to View mutual settlements with this employee or Delete the payroll sheet.

When opening the detailed payroll sheet from the settlements page you will be able to Download it as Excel, Pay the salary, View mutual settlements or Delete the payroll sheet.


You may see additional colors in certain lines of the payroll sheet.

  • Red color means that the position for which the reward was calculated was deleted and there is a discrepancy. Such a discrepancy appears if the booking was deleted, rescheduled, a new one was added, as well as if the services were deleted from the visit, the cost was changed or the visit status was changed (for example, the visit was in the Pending status, and after the payroll sheet was created, status was changed to Arrived and vice versa).


  • Yellow color means that after the payroll sheet was created changes into the calculation rule were made. This discrepancy also appears if a new service has been added to the visit.


In such cases you need to click the Recalculate and add button to refresh the payroll sheet.



Only bookings with the Arrived status are included in the payroll.

How to pay the salary

Click the Pay the salary button, after that you will be automatically redirected to the page for creation of new financial transaction in the Finance - Financial operations section (read more here).

In the new window indicate the date and time of the payment, select item of payment (Salary of staff item will be selected automatically), select the cash register from which the money will be written off and select an employee for payment of salary.

The automatically indicated sum of salary depends on where you clicked the Pay the salary button:

  • if you clicked the button in the Payroll - Settlements section the sum shown will be taken from the Balance column;


  • if you clicked the button in the payroll sheet you will see the total sum of this payroll sheet.


If you want to pay a different sum you can change it. Add a comment and click the Save button.

Operation for payment of salary will be shown when you open the settlements page.