Priority payments

What is it and what is it for?

In certain situations, you may need to make additional payments to an employee without generating a payroll sheet. In these cases, you can use the 'Priority payments' feature, which allows you to make extra payments that will be displayed in the employee settlements table and added to their regular payroll payments.

What types of priority payments are there?

1. Bonuses and penalties. They can be issued for various reasons that you set yourself. For instance, a reward for clients that returned, never running late, good work, etc. Penalties for being late, job poorly done, ruined equipment, etc.
For more regular occurrences you can create templates of bonuses and penalties for you to select specific types in the future. You can read more about creating them here.

2. Any payments that aren’t included in the calculation chart. This can be vacation allowance, bonuses for outstanding performance that cannot be put into the template.

How to create a priority payment?

1. Go to the Payroll - Settlements section.

2. Select the period and an employee for the payment.

3. Click the Create a priority payment button.

4. Indicate the Date and time of the payment.

5. Indicate the Type of payment: extra charge, bonus or penalty. If selecting bonus or penalty indicate their type.

6. Select an Employee for the payment.

7. Indicate the Amount of payment (if you selected Extra charge type). If you selected bonus or penalty, the sum of payment will be automatically taken from the template. If you need to, you can change that amount.

8. Add a Comment.

9. Click the Save button.