Daily calculation

Altegio allows you to perform daily calculations and to accrue salary to each employee individually or to all employees at once.

What is this section for?

In the Payroll Daily Calculation section you can track all calculations and see detailed information on all bookings made during the day.

You can use the Daily calculation in case of disputes with an employee on the amount of money earned per day. In Altegio there is the exact data on this employee and the amount which is entitled to for the provision of services and/or the sale of goods on this day.

You can also use this calculation when employees receive a salary for each shift.

How to make daily calculation


Go to the Payroll Daily calculation section. It displays data on all accruals for all employees who worked on that day. 

Section features:

1. The accrual amounts are presented as clickable links. If you click the link, Altegio automatically shows a list of all services provided and products sold.

2. Create statement and accrue (for all employees).

3. Create a payroll and accrue (for separate employees).

4. After creating the statements, a clickable link with the accrual date appears in the Settlements line. If you click the link, Altegio automatically directs you to the payroll sheet in the Payroll Settlements section (read more here).