Calculation for a time period

Altegio allows you to make payroll calculations for a selected period and accrue salaries for each employee separately or all employees at once.

How to make calculation for a time period


To calculate the salary for a specific time period in Altegio, navigate to the Payroll – Calculation for a time period section. Then, select the start and end dates for the period you wish to calculate the salary for, as well as the position of the employees (if you are not calculating the salary for all employees who worked during this period). Finally, click on the 'Show' button to display the calculated salaries.

The following data are displayed:

  • Employee and working time
  • Quantity and cost of the services provided
  • Sales and cost of products
  • Total cost of the services provided and products sold
  • Salary (it is calculated according to the calculation chart created, see more in the article)
  • Settlements (information on accruals)

Section features:

1. Create statement and accrue (for all employees).

2. Create a payroll and accrue (for separate employees).

3. After creating the statements, a clickable link with the accrual dates appears in the Settlements line. If you click the link, Altegio automatically directs you to the payroll sheet in the Payroll Settlements section (read more here).