Suppliers and Partners: information and editing

Altegio enables you to keep track of financial transactions with your company's Suppliers and Partners, which may include private individuals or legal entities that your company has financial relationships with.

Configuration and editing

To get started, navigate to the Finance - Suppliers and Partners section.


You can add, configure, and delete suppliers and partners (see the Creating and configuring suppliers and partners article).  In this section, you can access a list of all your suppliers and partners, including their name, contact information, company details, and current balance for transactions with your supplier or partner. To view the information on a specific supplier or partner, simply enter their name and click on the Show button.

If you need to make any changes to a supplier's information, select their name and click the Edit button. From there, you can modify the necessary details and then click Save to update the supplier's information.

If necessary a list of suppliers and partners can be uploaded from Excel (read more here) as well as downloaded as Excel by using the Excel operations button in the upper right corner.