Uploading financial operations from Excel

You can easily import a list of financial operations into Altegio using Excel. The following data can be seamlessly transferred:

1. Date: The specific date when the financial operation took place.

2. Name of the supplier: The name of the supplier involved in the transaction.

3. Name of the payment item: The specific payment item related to the transaction.

4. Name of the cash register: The cash register associated with the financial operation.

5. Comment: Any additional comments or notes related to the transaction.

6. Client's phone number: The contact number of the client involved in the transaction.

7. Total amount: The overall amount or value associated with the financial operation.

How to upload financial operations from Excel


To import a list of financial operations into Altegio using Excel, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Finance > Financial transactions section in Altegio.

2. In the top right corner, click on "Excel operations" and select "Upload from Excel".

3. Copy the data from your Excel spreadsheet and paste it into the empty window provided.

4. Ensure the headers in the Excel file match the columns shown in the screenshot.

The template for Excel financial transactions upload is attached below in the article.


Currently, financial transactions can only be loaded using the ID of the payment item and the ID of the cash register.

Here are the default IDs for common payment items:

Purchase of consumables - 1
Purchase of products - 2
Salary of staff - 3
Taxes and fees - 4
Providing services - 5
Sale of membership — 6
Sale of products - 7
Other income - 8
Other expenditures - 9
Refill - 10
Acquiring fee - 11
Gift card sale - 12

The IDs of the payment items you created manually can be found by clicking on the pencil icon to the right of the payment item.

ID - the last number in the address bar.