Onboarding: first settings to start working in the Appointment Calendar

To start working with the Appointment Calendar you’ll just need to take a few steps. You could do that right now, it won’t take long.

Log into your personal account on alteg.io.

  • Login – your email or phone number.
  • Password – password you’ve set up when you registered (you can reset it via SMS or email)

1. Add your services. (you can send your file to download, take the services and customer base upload template as an example)

2. Add your staff.

3. Assign services to staff members who provide them.

4. Set your work schedule.

Basic settings are done. You can learn how to work in the Appointment Calendar in the article.

5. Configuring access rights secures important information (i.e., client database) and allows the person in charge to control what employees do in Altegio.

  1. Firstly, you should invite users to manage the location in Altegio: link.
  2. Then it's necessary to limit rights of users according to their responsibilities: link.
  3. Configure notifications for your employees: link.
  4. See the detailed information about each access rights section: link.

Now you can proceed to setting up other sections: Online booking, Inventory, Payroll, Loyalty, etc.