Financial report for the period

What is it and what is it for?

The Financial report for the period consolidates data on all income and expenses. By default, the report displays the last week's data, but you can manually adjust the period to view information for a different timeframe.

How to work with the report?

To access the financial report, navigate to the Finance – Reports – Financial report section.

The report presents data grouped by all items of income and expenditures (more details can be found here), further organized by date and cash register type (cash or card payment). Each date displays the total sum, and the final column shows the total sum for the entire period.

If desired, you can download the data as an Excel file by clicking the Download as Excel button located in the top-right corner.

Screenshot_228.pngYou can customize the report by applying various filters such as payment item, supplier, cash register, and their type. Additionally, you have the option to select all articles or only those with financial movement. Furthermore, you can filter the report based on categories of services and products or specific services and products. These filters allow you to tailor the report to your specific requirements and focus on the desired information. 


To configure the report, you can utilize the necessary filters to refine the data according to your requirements. Once you have set the desired filters, simply click the "Show" button to generate the report.

Furthermore, you have the option to further detail the report by specifying the type of cash register (cash or card payment) or by selecting a specific cash register. This allows you to focus on specific aspects of the report and gain more granular insights into the financial data.