Daily report

What is it and what is it for?

At the end of each day, a comprehensive daily report is automatically generated in Altegio. This report provides valuable information regarding the encashment and transfer of cash, enabling you to track important aspects of your business. Here's what you can find in the daily report:

Number of Clients and Average Bill: Gain insights into the number of clients served during the day and their average bill for each visit.

Number of Bookings and Average Bill for Appointments: Get an overview of the number of bookings made and the average bill for appointments scheduled throughout the day.

Breakdown of Bookings with and without Clients: Understand the distribution between bookings with clients present and bookings without clients. Additionally, discover the average bill for each category.

Number of Services Provided and Payment Summaries: Gain visibility into the total number of services provided and the corresponding payment sums.

Number of Products Sold and Payment Summaries: Track the quantity of products sold and their associated payment sums.

Payment Details for Loyalty Cards, Gift Cards, and Memberships: Get an overview of payments made using loyalty cards, gift cards, and memberships, providing insights into customer preferences and engagement.

Beginning-of-Day and End-of-Day Balance: Stay informed about the starting and closing cash balances, enabling you to monitor the financial stability of your business.

You can view all data in the table detailed by the following indicators:

  • Time of the visit
  • Client
  • Employee
  • Service/product
  • Cost
  • Discount
  • Total
  • Paid
  • Loyalty
  • Method

How to work with the report?

To automatically form the report go to the Finance Reports Daily report section.


You can conveniently view the report for previous days and perform detailed analysis based on employees. All data from the report can be easily exported to Excel, allowing you to download and manipulate the information as needed. Whether you require data for a single day or multiple days, simply specify the desired time period, and the report will provide you with comprehensive insights.

Data from the Daily report needs to be entered into the journal of the cash register operator. There’s currently no accountability for violations.