Configuring online payment in Altegio

With Altegio, you can accept online payments for your services right in the online booking form.

You can set up a required or optional prepayment for certain services or staff members.

Important: Altegio will not charge you any additional commission for payment, all commision depends on your bank.

How does online payment status apply?

There are three possible status for online payment: Required, Available, Not available.

You can find online payment settings for all services and employees.

  • By default, all services and employees have Not available status for online payment. This status has priority over other ones.
  • If the status is set to Required then customer won’t be able to make their booking unless they prepay their service. The cost will be taken from the minimum price field in the service card.
  • If the status is set to Available then customer will be able to choose whether to pay for their booking online or not.

How to set up online payment methods?

1. Go to the Finance — Cashless payment section and either click the Connect button or open the Settings tab.

2. You can select online payment methods: Payment in the form of online registration and Payment for visits via the link. To switch payment methods on or off use the switch.


3. Below, enter the data from your online payment functionality provider in the necessary fields. You can find such data in your personal account with your provider.

Stripe interface parameters

  • You can find the Publishable key and Secret key in Stripe in the DevelopersAPI Keys section.
  • You can find Signing secret in the Developers — Webhook section. Click the URL address that you see in the Endpoints line. After you click the URL field click the Reveal line to view your Signing secret and copy it.


You can find more detailed information on the configuration process in the Stripe online payment article.

Configuring online payment status

1. Before you configure online payment in the online booking widget go to the Settings — My location — Business information section and add your legal and bank details in the Company details tab.

2. You’ll be able to set online payment status for services in the card of each particular service.

To set the status go to the Settings — Main settings — Services section, select the category needed and then click the name of the service.

Go to the Online booking tab and select the status needed in the Online payment section.


Click Save at the bottom of the page once you’re done.

3. You’ll be able to set online payment status for each employee in the Settings tab in the card of each employee.

Go to the Settings — Main settings — Staff section and click Other settings in the line of the employee.

On the page that opens select the status in the Online payment field.


Click Save at the bottom of the page once you’re done.

How Payment for visits via the link works

After setting up an online payment provider you can switch on the Payment for visits via the link method. You can switch it on or off in the Finance — Cashless payment section.

If this option is switched on you can copy the link in the Checkout tab in the Booking window and send it to the client in any way convenient for you.

  1. The payment link is applicable to a specific booking only. After you click the Save and copy payment link button the link will be copied to the clipboard and you’ll be able to send it to your client at any time. Clients will be able to follow this link at any time.
  2. After your client follows the link they will be redirected to the payment page and a new payment will be automatically created in the payment system that will block the booking for 15 minutes.
  3. On the payment system page the client will need to pay within an hour, after this the page will expire and to perform payment your client will need to follow the same link again.

What will change in the online booking widget after you perform online payment

Services and staff with Required and Allowed online payment will be indicated in the widget with according status.

There will be no changes to how services and employees with Not allowed payment status are displayed.

After clicking the Proceed to payment button the client will be transferred to the bank webpage where they’ll be able to enter their bank details for payment.

If online payment is Required then after entering and confirming their contact details clients will see the name of the service with a check mark they won’t be able to remove. After making the booking the payment page will open and if the payment will not be completed within 15 minutes the booking will be deleted automatically from the Appointment Calendar within 15 minutes.

If the online payment is Allowed then next to the service a field where your client will be able to set the checkmark will appear. If the client selects payment for the booking then after the booking they will be redirected to the payment page, however, the booking will not be deleted and remain in the Appointment Calendar if the payment is not completed within 15 minutes.