Stripe online payment

Stripe is the global leader in online payments. Stripe supports receiving credit/debit card transactions online, safely and securely.

Configure integration in Altegio to receive payment for services online through the online booking widget. You can accept payment using Stripe regardless of your subscription plan in Altegio.

Stripe is currently available in 46 countries. Payments are deposited to your account within 1-2 business days.


  • Secure payments online via an easy-to-use interface for your clients;
  • Manage money flow online with automatically generated reports;
  • Refund with just a few clicks;
  • Optional cancellation fees;
  • In select regions, get paid out in your preferred currencies.


  • iDeal and other Stripe payment systems are not supported.
  • Minimum payment sum for Stripe is 50 cents, if the service costs less payment will be impossible.
  • You’ll be able to use test bank cards only if you indicate test data for the integration.

Configuring Stripe integration

1. Register your Stripe account or log in if you already have one.

2. In your Stripe account menu, click the Developers option and then Webhooks. Click the Add an endpoint button below.

2.1 Put the link in the Endpoint URL.

2.2 Choose the Events to send (so Altegio can receive notifications about successful transactions).

Choose the following events:














2.3. Click the Add endpoint button.

2.4. Go to the Settings — Account section and add information to the Account name field.

3. In Altegio go to the Finance — Online payments section.

3.1. Open the Payment methods tab.

3.2. Select what type of payment you want to accept: Payment in the form of online registration and/or Payment for visits via link. Click the switches to turn payment methods on or off.

3.3. Enter parameters needed for Stripe integration:

In Developers — API keys section in Stripe find the Publishable key and Secret key.

In Developers — Webhook, find the Signing secret. To do that, click the URL-address that you see in the Endpoint line.

After you click the URL, click the Reveal line to find the Signing secret that you can copy.

4. Click the Save and set up payment method button once you enter all parameters needed.

Make sure there are no spaces within the keys on both sides: Stripe and Altegio.

After you configure the integration select services and employees for which the online payment will be available and set up payment terms.

Learn how to do it in the Cashless payment configuration article.


Stripe account registration and integration with Altegio is absolutely free.

Stripe commission for each transaction depends on the country. Altegio doesn’t charge you any additional commissions.