Online sales of memberships and gift cards with Stripe

To start selling memberships and gift cards online, you need to connect online payments, customize the widget of online sales and the types of memberships and gift cards.

This feature is relevant for countries where online payment via Stripe is available. Follow the link to see the list of countries. 

NB! The online sales widget is only available in Russian.

Article content: 

  1. Setting online payment 
  2. Setting for multiple locations
  3. Setting membership and gift cards 
  4. Customizing the widget

Setting online payment

To sell memberships and gift cards online, you need to connect the payment acceptance service.

You can see the detailed information on connection process and terms in the Stripe online payment article. 

After connecting the online payment service, go to the Online sales > Settings chain section (to access the section, the user must have the Settings - Manage users access right), open the Payment tab, select the Stripe payment method and enter the received integration parameters (Publishable key, Secret key and Signing secret) into the fields.

Publishable key and Secret key are located in the Stripe interface in the DevelopersAPI Keys section.


Signing secret is located in the DevelopersWebhook section. Click the URL displayed in the Endpoints block.


After clicking the URL field, click the Reveal text box, there is Signing secret concealed, copy the key from this field.


In the Locations field indicate which location would receive funds from online sales (a separate cash register will be automatically created in the selected location), enter Email where notifications about new orders will be sent to, and save the settings.

If it is necessary to record revenue in different locations of the chain, contact your personal manager or use the instructions below.

All types of memberships and gift cards you plan to sell online must be valid in the selected location .

Setting for multiple locations

1. Create a separate chain for each location

See more details in the Creating a chain article.

2. Create and set membership and gift card types in these chains. All loyalty created in the chain will be valid and displayed only in the associated location.

You can find settings for all types of loyalty in the Loyalty section.

Setting membership and gift cards 

1. Go to the Loyalty > Membership types/Gift card types chain section.


2. Select the type of membership/gift card you plan to add to the widget or create a new one. You can read more about creating a new type of membership here, and about creating a new type of gift card here.

3. In the General settings > Settings tab check the Availability for sale online box.


4. Add Title for sale online, Image, Description and Price that clients will see in the widget form.


The online sale price may differ from the actual cost specified in the gift card or membership type settings:

  • If the price in the gift card type differs from the par value, a field with a discount will be displayed in the online sale widget.
  • This field is not displayed for a membership. If it is necessary to note that the membership is sold at a discount, you can add this to the Title for sale online.

Recommendations for uploading an image:

  • The recommended minimum image size is 288 x 184 px, no more than 12 mb.
  • Horizontal orientation of the image. When uploading the vertical orientation, the image is cut off to fit the horizontal one. 
  • After adding the image, you need to wait 5-10 seconds until the photo is uploaded to the server, after that you can save the membership/gift card type settings.

5. Save the settings at the bottom of the page.


After the online sale, a code will be automatically assigned to the membership/gift card, it is impossible to change it.

Customizing the widget 

Go to the Online sales > Settings chain section and open the Widget tab. The section is active only when the details of the online payment service are indicated.

Check whether the company data is correct (name, contact details, logo). If necessary, you can edit them in Settings > Location settings and Settings > Business information in the location interface.

Below you can write an appeal that customers see in the widget as well as Privacy Policy. If you leave the fields empty, they are not displayed in the form. Read the offer and fill in the missing information: organization name, contacts, address, details and license number (if you provide medical services).

Enable the Send automatic email to a customer after purchase option. After purchase customers receive a letter with the purchased memberships or gift card. By clicking the link in the settings, you can see what an example letter looks like.

When the settings are done, remember to save them and enable widget. If you enable widget after saving the settings, you need to click the Save button again.


To view the form, follow the Open widget link (the sales form is active only when the Enable widget setting is enabled).

The link to the online sales form is generated automatically, similar to the online booking form.

After activating the widget, you can also add an online sales button to your online booking widget.

NB! For now, the online sales button can only be added to the online booking widget of the old design.

To do this, go to the Online booking > Website section in the location interface, select the main form and specify the chain in the Use online sales settings of the chain field and save the settings.

After saving the sale form is available via a direct link, you can send it to customers or announce it in the social network.