Items of expenditures/income (payment articles)

Altegio offers the convenience of performing financial operations automatically or manually. For instance, payment for services (if you're using the Appointment Calendar) and payment for products (when selling products) are processed automatically. However, some operations need to be done manually, and you'll need to enter payment information by hand.

One of the essential steps to create a transaction manually is selecting the Payment item.

By default, there are 12 payment items in Altegio:

1. Purchase of consumables. This item shows funds spent on purchases of consumables for work.

2. Purchase of products. Shows the sum spent on purchases of products. You can learn in more detail about the arrival of products here.

3. Salary of staff. With this item you will indicate the sum paid to the employees as paycheck. Read about payroll payments in detail here.

4. Taxes and fees. This item indicates transactions made to pay for taxes and other state charges.

5. Providing services. This item is indicated for income from provision of services that was put into the cash register.

6. Sale of memberships. Indicates sums received for sale of memberships for services of the business.

7. Sale of products. Shows income received from sale of products in addition to services provided.

8. Other income. Shows other income that wasn’t indicated in other items.

9. Other expenditures. Assigned to payments that weren’t indicated in other items.

10. Refill. Used when the client is depositing funds into their personal account.

11. Acquiring fee. Used when an acquiring fee is charged (if it’s specified in the cash register’s settings).

12. Gift cards sale. Used for the sale of gift cards.

If you need to you can add new items. You can learn about creation of new items here in more detail.