After configuring your Services and Staff add and edit information about resources. 

What is it and what is it for?

Resource allocation is an essential aspect of managing your business operations effectively. Resources are needed to ensure that services are provided to clients in a timely and efficient manner. For example, you may have a limited number of stations for performing manicure services, or a limited number of massage rooms. If these resources are not properly managed, it can lead to dissatisfied clients who may leave negative reviews. In order to avoid such situations, it's important to allocate resources appropriately and ensure that there are enough resources available to meet the demand for your services.

Altegio has a unique feature called Resources that helps you avoid situations where you may not have enough equipment or space to provide services to all clients. With Resources, you can create appointments for service only if there are enough free resources available.

Resources can include anything from rooms and massage tables to technical equipment such as hair dryers.

Assigning resources to services helps you organize bookings from clients in the Appointment Calendar by ensuring that resources are available when needed. For example, if you have a massage room and two massage therapists, you can assign the massage room as a resource to the massage service. This will prevent situations where several clients make appointments for the same service at the same time, during which the massage room is already occupied.

An important aspect of Resources is that they are not visible to clients in the online booking widget. Clients cannot book appointments for resources directly since resources are primarily used for scheduling appointments in the backend to avoid double-booking of resources for the same service.

When you create an appointment, resources assigned to a service are automatically reserved. If a client makes an online booking for a service with assigned resources, a single unoccupied instance of each resource is reserved for the booking.
Resources are always displayed in the Appointment Calendar, and bookings for the same service and time will appear in the schedule for both the employee and the resource.

How to work with the resources

Before you can start using resources when creating appointments, you'll need to add and configure them (for more details see the article on Creating and configuring resources).

Resources are reserved for an appointment at the moment of booking automatically only if they are assigned to services.

If necessary, you can change the resource and assign it to a specific service directly from the appointment (for more details, see the Selecting a resource when making an appointment article).

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