Creating and configuring resources

are a powerful feature in Altegio that help ensure that appointments are organized efficiently and without conflicts. By assigning resources to services, such as rooms or massage tables, you can prevent situations where multiple clients book the same service at the same time, only to find that the necessary resources (hair dryers, massage room, blending shears, etc.) are already occupied.

When a client makes a booking online for a service that requires resources, the system automatically reserves an unoccupied instance of each resource for that appointment. This helps ensure that resources are always available when they're needed.


To create and manage resources in Altegio, follow these steps:
Open the main menu and go to Settings > Main settings > Resources section.

2. Click the "Add a resource" button to create a new resource. Enter the name of the resource and add a description if needed.

3. Assign the resource to the services by selecting the services from the Services section.
4. Save your changes by clicking the "Save" button.

To edit a resource click the Edit button. Resources will be automatically reserved for an appointment only if they are assigned to services beforehand.

After your resources are created and configured assign them to the appropriate services (read about this in detail in the Assigning resources to services article).

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