Creating and configuring resources

Resources allow creating an appointment for a service only if there are enough free resources to provide it.

Examples of resources: rooms, massage tables, various technical devices (hair dryers, etc.)

Assigning resources to services helps you organize bookings from clients in the Appointment Calendar by resources. Resources prevent situations when several clients make their appointments for the same service at the same time, during which the required resources are already occupied.


In the main menu go to the Settings — Main settings — Resources section. To create a new resource click the Add a resource button. Specify the Name of the resource and add a Description if you need to. You can select services to assign this resource to using the Services section.


To add an instance of a resource click its name in the list. In the new window that opens click the Add resource button. Enter a Name for this instance and click Save


To edit a resource click the Edit button. Resources will be automatically reserved for an appointment only if they are assigned to services beforehand.

After your resources are created and configured assign them to the appropriate services (read about this in detail in the Assigning resources to services article).

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