How to connect to an SMS provider to save money on SMS?

To send messages via SMS providers, you need to turn to one of Altegio partners for their services. The list of partners will grow and you’ll always be able to choose an aggregator with conditions that fit your needs.

Working with SMS providers

1. Sending SMS messages at the market prices of providers.

2. Sending notifications to instant messengers using several channels. For example, first, the message will be sent via a messenger, and if the message is not delivered - via SMS. With this feature you can reduce the cost of sending messages to your clients.

3. Customization of individual SMS templates. Thanks to this, messages are identified as service messages and this reduces the cost of SMS messages.

How to set up messages?

1. To start sending SMS you will need to connect to an SMS provider. 

You can connect to one of the SMS providers, send messages through them directly and pay for SMS messages based on prices regulated by mobile communications service providers. Each provider also has a mailout option.

SMS sending is available after approval of the name of the SMS sender - this rule is set by the communications service providers. The sender name will need to be approved by SMS providers. You can turn to SMS providers for information on rules imposed by communications service providers.