SMS notifications and their customization

Altegio provides the flexibility to customize SMS notifications that are automatically sent to your customers and employees. With this feature, you can notify both new and regular clients about the services and discounts you offer. Additionally, you can keep your employees informed about new appointments, even if they are not currently at the workplace.

With Altegio you can use several ways to send SMS notifications:

Automatic SMS notifications


You can learn more about the types of SMS notifications and how you can configure them in the following article – Types of notifications and configuration of templates. 

SMS notifications in the Appointment

Using Altegio you can also send individual SMS notifications to each client. There are two options to do this:

1. In the client’s card through the Clients Client Database section (for more information, see the Information in the client’s card article, Send message item)

2. In the Appointment using the Send message tab in the Client section.


SMS mailout

Altegio allows you to send SMS mailouts to clients. You can send SMS to all clients or to a specifically defined list of clients (for more information, see the Client Database article, Actions with the client base).