Mass mailing clients

You can send mass mails to notify a group of clients or your whole client base instantaneously.

Important: to send an SMS mailout you need to have an SMS provider indicated for your location.

Configuring and editing

1. In the main menu go to the Settings — System settings — Notifications section.

2. Go to the Types of notifications tab.

3. In the Client notifications tab select ‘Mass mailing’ type and click Edit (pencil button).


4. In the menu that opens select channels for mailing and save your settings.



  • Option to enable mass mailing can be configured in the Settings Subscription plan using the ‘Mass mailing SMS’ option. Only the Altegio team has access to this section, so to either enable or disable this notification type, turn to the technical support or your personal manager.
  • Mailout will be sent only via channels that you select in the menu, so before any mass mailing check your settings and make sure that you’ve included all channels needed.

Sending mailout

1. Go to the Clients Client Database section.

2. Form a list of clients you’d like to send mailout to. You can do that using checkboxes or filters in the Client Database. If you need to send a mailout to all clients skip this step.

3. Click the Action button in the bottom right corner of the page and select Send a message action.


4. Enter text for mailout in the pop-up and click Save.


You can see the status of messages sent in the Overview Messages section.


  • %CLIENT_NAME% – in messages you send this variable will be automatically changed to the name of the client that you’ve indicated in the Client Database section.