Types of notifications and configuring their templates

With Altegio, you can effectively communicate and engage with both new and existing clients. Our platform allows you to notify them about your services, special discounts, and promotions. You can also keep them informed about their upcoming appointments booked through the online booking widget and request feedback after their visit. Additionally, Altegio enables seamless communication with your employees, keeping them informed about new appointments, as well as any rescheduling or cancellations.


1. Configuring and editing

2. Events for which notifications will be sent

Configuration and editing

To manage your notifications, navigate to the Settings menu and access the System settings. From there, go to the Notifications section and open the Types of notifications tab. In this section, you can customize and enable/disable notifications based on specific events.

Choose from a variety of pre-defined templates or create your own personalized templates for each notification type. Additionally, you can specify the channels through which the notifications will be sent, ensuring that your messages reach your intended audience effectively.

  • PUSH notifications
  • SMS
  • Email

To edit the notification type click Edit (pencil button) in the notification.


Notification templates

In the pop-up that opens configure status, notification template, channels and click Save button.


• Adding emojis to notification templates is not recommended as they may be displayed incorrectly for the recipient, impacting the message's clarity and readability.

• By default, the Upcoming visit notification type is configured to send an SMS message 1 hour before the appointment and an Email 12 hours before the appointment. If the booking was created prior to modifying the notification settings, the default settings will apply. Any changes you make to the settings will only affect future bookings. However, if needed, you can manually adjust the settings for bookings created prior to the changes by accessing the Notifications tab within the specific booking. For more detailed instructions, refer to the documentation provided here.


Additional information in Email

If your location's clients receive Email notifications, you have the option to include additional text in the following notifications:

1. Upcoming visit

2. Request a review after a visit booked via the online booking widget

3. Request a review after a visit booked via the appointment calendar

4. Creating a booking via the online booking widget

5. Creating a booking via the Appointment Calendar

6. Delete a booking made via the online booking widget

7. E-card binding

By customizing these notifications with relevant information, you can provide your clients with a more personalized and informative experience.
To enter additional text open the Additional Information in Email tab.

1. Check the box in Display additional information in the Email option to enter the text.

2. Check the box in the Indent option if you want the text to start with the indent.

3. Click Edit.

4. Enter additional text, add an image, video or a link.

5. To view what this email will look like click the Preview button.

6. Click the Save button.


Important: Certain Email notification types display client’s name, phone number and email as they’re indicated in the Client Database. Information will be displayed in the following notification types:

  • Upcoming visit
  • Creating a booking via online booking widget
  • Creating a booking via Appointment Calendar
  • Invitation for upcoming visit
  • Confirmation of a customer booking made via online booking widget
  • Delete a booking made via online booking widget

Events that messages can be sent for

Messages will be sent for specific events. You’ll need to configure each one separately. You can find detailed information on configuration of each type of notification in the articles below.

Client notifications:

Employee notifications:

Administrator notifications: