Request a review after the visit booked via online booking widget/Appointment Calendar

These are automatic notifications that will be sent to the client after their booking. 

Request for a review can be sent both to clients who booked their appointment online and through the administrator via the Appointment Calendar. The request will contain a link that client can follow to leave feedback on a staff member’s performance. After that the review will appear in the online booking widget during the staff member selection.

You can view all reviews you receive in the Overview Reviews section.


Configuration and editing

1. In the main menu go to the Settings — System settings — Notifications section and open the Types of notifications tab.

2. In the Clients booking type select either the Request a review after a visit booked via online booking widget or Request a review after a visit booked via appointment calendar and click Edit (the pencil button).


3. Enable the notification by checking the box.

4. Either select one of three standard templates or create a new one.

5. Configure the time for the notification to be sent.

6. Configure the Channels.

7. Click Save.



1. Please leave a review about your visit. Service: %SERVICE_TITLE%, %POSITION_TITLE%, %MASTER_NAME%, Time: %DATETIME%. %LINK%

2. Please leave a review about your visit %DATETIME%. %LINK%

3. Please leave a review on your visit %DATETIME%. %LINK%

4. Your own template.

Each template contains variables (links to appointment parameters). Instead of these parameters data about appointments will be displayed:

  • %SERVICE_TITLE% — service name
  • %POSITION_TITLE% — position of an employee that you can indicate in the Online booking — Settings section:
      •     Choose how you want your employees to be called in online booking,
      •    "Employee", genitive case,
      •    "Employee", dative case,
      •    "Employee", plural form.
  • %MASTER_NAME% — employee’s name.
  • %DATETIME% — date and time of the appointment.
  • %LINK% — link to the review page.

An example of the Request a review notification (standard template):

‘Please leave a review about your visit. Service: Beard trim, barber Tim. Time January 1, 3 PM [link]’

Sending notification

Request for a review will be sent after the booking status is set to Arrived before the appointment ends (you specify the time when to send the request in the notification type settings).

The system will check the date and time of the booking, notification type settings and how much time passed after the booking ended before forming and sending the notification.

The main condition is that you need to set the Arrived status for the appointment. You need to change the status no later than the time the notification needs to be formed.

For instance, the request for a review needs to be sent 1 hour after the booking and the booking ends at 11 AM, you need to change the status before 11:59 AM. If you change the status at noon and later the notification will not be formed and sent to the client.

We suggest you change the status before the appointment ends to avoid any errors when the system forms a request for a review notification.