Invitation for upcoming visit

Automatic message suggesting a repeat booking. The notification will be sent if, during the set period, your client hasn't made a booking for this service. The system will check for each service starting from the last appointment. If the period for notification for two services matches the system will form and send just one notification where the both services will be indicated.

It is used to increase the number of bookings from clients and to remind them about regular services in a timely manner.

Configuration and editing

1. In the main menu go to the Settings — System settings — Notifications section and open the Types of notifications tab.

2. In the Client notifications type select Invitation for upcoming visit type and click Edit (pencil button).


3. Check the Enabled option in the Status section.

4. Either select one of three standard templates or create your own.

5. Set how many days after the booking the notification needs to be sent.

6. Select the Channels for notifications.

7. Click Save.


In this section you’ll be setting the period for the whole location. You can also change the period setting for each service in the Settings — Main settings — Services section in the Advanced settings tab (read more about services configuration in this article).


You can also change the period for a specific service in the Notifications tab in the booking.



1. Hello, %CLIENT_NAME%. It is time to make a booking for %SERVICE_TITLE% %LINK%

2. Hello, %CLIENT_NAME%. It is time to make a booking for %SERVICE_TITLE% %CONTACT_PHONE%

3. Your own template

Each template contains variables (links to appointment parameters). Instead of these parameters data about appointments will be displayed:

  • %CLIENT_NAME% — name of the client
  • %SERVICE_TITLE% — name of the service/couple of services in the appointment
  • %LINK% — link to the online booking widget
  • %CONTACT_PHONE% — company’s phone number

An example of the notification using the standard template:

‘Hello, Nick. It is time to make a booking for Beard trim [link to the online booking widget]’.