Creating a booking via online booking widget/Appointment Calendar for administrator

It is automatic notifications sent to the administrator just after booking is created. Two types of notifications are configured: about an online booking and about a booking created via appointment calendar.

Online booking: as soon as the client makes a booking via online booking widget, the administrator receives a notification with the details of the visit.

Booking created via appointment calendar: as soon as a booking is created via appointment calendar (by another administrator or employee), the administrator receives a notification with the details of the visit. The administrator or the employee who created the booking does not receive a notification.

Configuring and editing

1. In the main menu go to the Settings System settingsNotifications section and open the Types of notifications tab.

2. In the Administrator notifications section select Creating a customer booking via online booking widget and Creating a booking via Appointment calendar and click Edit (the pencil button).


3. Enable the notification by checking the box.

4. Select one of three standard templates or create a new one.

5. Configure the Channels.

6. Click the Save button.



1. New booking: %CLIENT_NAME% (%CLIENT_PHONE%); Service: %SERVICE_TITLE%; Employee: %MASTER_NAME% on %DATETIME%

2. New booking: %CLIENT_NAME% (%CLIENT_PHONE%); Employee: %MASTER_NAME% on %DATETIME%

3. New booking: %CLIENT_NAME% (%CLIENT_PHONE%) on %DATETIME%

4. Your own template

Each template contains variables (links to appointment parameters). Instead of these parameters data about appointments will be displayed:

  • %CLIENT_NAME% — name of the client.
  • %SERVICE_TITLE% — name of the service/couple of services in the appointment
  • %CLIENT_PHONE% — phone number of the client
  • %MASTER_NAME% — employee’s name.
  • %DATETIME% — date and time of the appointment.
  • %DATETIME_SHORT% – date and time in a short sms-friendly format.

An example of the notification using the standard template:

"New booking: Nick (12091234567); Service: Haircut; Employee: John Smith on February 1 at 6.30 p.m."