Customizing the new online booking widget  

The new version of online booking allows you to set any color of the interface and customize the widget design to your brand.

Color setting

To set colors for Altegio widget:

1. Go to Online booking section.

2. Select the required online booking link, click its name or the Set up button to switch to editing mode.

3. In the newly opened window locate the Online–booking design section.

4. Choose a suitable color of the buttons and icons from the palette or enter your preferred color in HEX format.

5. Save the changes.

The widget is set to black color #121212 by default. You can always return it by clicking the Revert to default color button.

The selected color could be one of low contrast, which means that texts and elements will be barely readable. In this case there will be displayed an error warning “Low contrast of elements. Choose a lighter or darker shade.” You will not be able to save and apply this color in the widget.

Choose the display of service categories either Horizontally as tags or Vertically as a collapsable list. 

Additionally you can upload your first screen image within this section. Please note that for the image to be displayed correctly it must be of a high quality and the optimal format is 16:9, 12 MB maximum.

Logo setting 

To upload a logo to be shown in an online booking widget:

  • in the Altegio main menu go to Settings > Location Settings;
  • upload the image to the logo field, save the changes.   The best resolution is 500x500, the max file size: 12 mb.

You can check the display of the uploaded logo on the location information page in the online booking widget.