How to set up Client ID transfer

The Client ID parameter helps to identify unique devices of visitors. With its help you can combine data from GA and CRM systems and set up end-to-end analytics.

Settings in Google Analytics

You need to have administrator rights in Google Analytics (Universal Analytics version) at the Property or Account levels.

1. Sign in to Google Analytics, go to the Admin section.

2. In the Property column, click Custom Definitions > Custom Dimensions.

3. Click New Custom Dimension.

4. Add a Dimension name, for example, Custom Client ID

  • Select the Scope - User
  • Check the Active box
  • Click Create

5. Then a page with code fragments will be opened, there is no need for settings, click Done.

6. You have created a special dimension, it has an Index (ID). You will need it for the next settings.

Settings in Altegio account

For the required online booking form the Google Analytics counter must have been already installed. See more information about setting up integration in the article.

1 .To set up the transfer of Client ID in the Altegio personal account, go to Online booking > Online booking widget, select the required online booking form and go to the Analytics tab.

2. In the Google Analytics section check the Pass the custom Client ID parameter box.

3. In the field for the special Client ID parameter, enter the Index (ID) that was assigned to the created dimension (parameter) in Google Analytics.   

4. Save the changes.

Settings accuracy

The data is sent to the analytics service after a time delay. Therefore, the data in the reports will be generated some time after saving all the settings.

1. In Google Analytics, go to Reports -> Acquisitions -> All Traffic -> Source/Medium. This report shows the Source/Medium and Sessions data.

2. Add the previously created Custom Client ID dimension as an additional report dimension.

3. If the settings are completed properly, the Custom Client ID dimension appears in the report table.