Setting the integration with Google Analytics

To set up integration, you need to register an account in the Google Analytics service.

Where can I find the Google Analytics ID?

Universal Analytics Version

1. In your Google Analytics account go to the appropriate property or application.

2. Go to Admin > Property settings

3. Copy the Tracking ID, which has the format UA-123456789-1.

Note that for the Universal Analytics version the identifier has the prefix UA.


Google Analytics 4 version 

1. In your Google Analytics account go to the appropriate property or application.

2. Go to the Administrator > Data streams section

3. If the data stream for the required online booking form has not been created earlier, it is necessary to create a data stream. In order to do this click Web or Add stream button, then go to Web


4. In the Web stream settings window enter the URL of the online booking widget and the name of the stream. Click the Create stream button.


5. Copy the measurement ID from the Web stream details window. The identifier has the format G-2MY2D9WV2N.

Please note that for the Google Analytics 4 version the identifier has the prefix G.

Connecting Google Analytics to an online booking form

1. In the Altegio personal account go to the Online booking > Online booking widget section

2. Select the form which you want to connect Google Analytics to

3. In the form settings open the Analytics tab

4. In the Google Analytics field enter the Tracking ID (measurement ID) 

5. Click the Save button


Integration testing

For quick testing whether the Google Analytics integration is configured correctly, go to the Realtime report section.

Perform the desired action in the online booking form and check whether a goal event or conversion has appeared (if configured) in the Realtime report section.

To create goals for events that will be tracked, use the list of events that are supported by the new online booking widget.