Booking rescheduled by the client or administrator

It is an automatic notification sent to the employee when the client reschedules a booking in the personal account, or when the administrator reschedules the booking in the appointment calendar.

As soon as the client or administrator reschedules a booking, the employee who is selected to provide the service to the client is sent notification (with the details of the visit) about the booking rescheduled.

It is used to inform the employee about booking changes in time. 

Configuring and editing

1. In the main menu go to the Settings System settingsNotifications section and open the Types of notifications tab.

2. In the Employee notifications section select Booking rescheduled by the client or administrator and click Edit (the pencil button).


3. Enable the notification by checking the box.

4. Select one of three standard templates or create a new one.

5. Configure the Channels.

6. Click the Save button.



1. Booking rescheduled: %CLIENT_NAME% (%CLIENT_PHONE%); Service: %SERVICE_TITLE% on %DATETIME%

2. Booking rescheduled: %CLIENT_NAME% (%CLIENT_PHONE%) on %DATETIME%

3. Your own template

Each template contains variables (links to appointment parameters). Instead of these parameters data about appointments will be displayed:

  • %CLIENT_NAME% — name of the client.
  • %SERVICE_TITLE% — name of the service/couple of services in the appointment
  • %CLIENT_PHONE% — phone number of the client
  • %DATETIME% — date and time of the appointment.
  • %DATETIME_SHORT% – date and time in a short sms-friendly format.

An example of the notification using the standard template:

"Booking rescheduled. Client: Liana (12091234567); Service: Haircut on March 25 at 6.00 p.m."