Setting online booking

Before you start using Online booking, make all the necessary settings. To do this, go to the Online booking - Settings.

1. Specify Slot search start/end time in the online booking widget. Sessions will be searched within the specified time, unless special settings for the employee or service are specified.

2.1. Check the box if you want the clients to complete the appointment only after confirming their phone number. This function avoids the creation of invalid and test appointments. Billing for SMS with a code goes according to the established tariffs.

2.2. You can also enable client phone number confirmation for sending push notifications:

  • not checked, then Altegio will remember the device, and push notifications will be sent, even if the user is not authorized in the mobile application.
  • if checked, then Altegio will not remember the device, and push notifications will be sent only if the user is authorized in the mobile application.

3. Indicate the required field for the appointment: comment and/or e-mail. The client cannot make an appointment without filling out it. You can change the name of the field for the comment (up to 60 characters) or leave the default text (Comment on the appointment). 

4. Add text to the widget at the step of entering contact information, this can be any text that the client sees in the last step when making an appointment. If no text is specified, the default text is displayed. 

5. Specify how employees will be displayed when booking online.

6. Check the box to activate Any employee mode. In this case, clients will be able to make an appointment, skipping the choice of an employee. The same mode can be enabled when setting the booking steps in the online booking widget (set the default choice of any specialist, read more about these settings here). 

7. Indicate how long before the start of the visit, the client can not make an appointment (Delay before next slot). 

8. Configure the ability to change or delete an appointment. Indicate how long before the start of the visit, the client will not be able to change or delete its appointment. 

9. Allow extra participants for group events and it will be possible when booking a group event to take several places for one client, then you can set Maximum extra participants per client. This option allows customers to make an appointment for group events for themselves and friends or family members without having to create multiple appointments for each visitor.