Setting online booking

Before you start using Online booking, make all the necessary settings. To do this, go to the Online booking > General settings> Settings section and click the Configure button.

1. Specify Display interval of slots / Search interval of slots/ Slot search start/end time. Sessions will be searched within the specified time, unless special settings for the employee or service are specified.

2.1. Check the SMS confirmation box if you want the clients to complete the appointment only after confirming their phone number. This function avoids the creation of invalid and test appointments. Billing for SMS with a code goes according to the established tariffs.

2.2. You can also enable client phone number confirmation for sending Push confirmation:

  • not checked, then Altegio will remember the device, and push notifications will be sent, even if the user is not authorized in the mobile application.
  • if checked, then Altegio will not remember the device, and push notifications will be sent only if the user is authorized in the mobile application.

If you need to receive additional information from clients, please indicate the required entry field: comment and/or email. If the setting is enabled, the client will not be able to sign up until they fill out the field.

You can change the name of the comment field (up to 60 characters) or leave the default text (“Appointment comment”). The comment field can be used, for example, to clarify the car number, the contact name of the client’s social network account, age, etc.

You can also hide comment and/or email fields from online booking.

Client's full name - if necessary, make the client's last name and/or middle name a required field at the step of entering contact information.

For the setting to become available, you must allow the display of the “Last name” and “Middle name” fields in the “Settings” > “Appointment calendar” section. Read more about the “Last name” and “Middle name” fields here.

Add a message in the widget during the contact information entry step of registration. This message can remind clients to bring replacement shoes or required documents, mention any contraindications, explain how to prepare for the procedure, and suggest arriving early for the service, along with any other important details.

Select the checkbox to activate "Any specialist" mode. This allows clients to bypass choosing a specific employee by clicking the "Any available specialist" option during signup.

Additionally, employees must hav an activate "Skip choosing specialist" option on their profile for them to be considered in the selection pool.

This mode can also be activated during the configuration of booking steps in the widget, by setting the default choice to any specialist. For more details on these settings, refer to this article.


  • When the online payment feature is activated, the "Any specialist" mode bypasses the individual prepayment requirements of a chosen employee. In this scenario, only the service's mandatory prepayment criteria are considered.

To direct all bookings to a specific employee, select their name in the "Employee for online booking" field. If you prefer not to channel all appointments to a single employee, choose the "Any specialist" option.

  1. Use the "Buffer time" field to specify the time frame within which clients cannot book an appointment before the visit's start. This setting is beneficial when service preparation is needed, or if an employee needs a set time, like half an hour, to arrive at the work location.

Enable clients to reschedule or cancel their appointments online by setting a cutoff time in the widget. This limit determines how far in advance of the appointment start time a client can no longer modify their booking. Implementing this feature prevents last-minute changes, ensuring smoother operations. You can adjust this interval in 15-minute increments, with a maximum limit of 48 hours.


If a client cancels a prepaid appointment, the refund process is manual and must be initiated by an administrator. This means the client's money will not be automatically returned upon the appointment's cancellation.