Imminent end of work schedule

It is an automatic notification about the need to renew the work schedule of employees, which is sent to the administrator.

Notifications of this type are sent three times: 7 days, 3 days and 1 day before the end of the schedule. It is important to note that the notification is sent when the entire location schedule is ended. If there are ten employees in the location, and nine of them do not have a schedule, and one of them still does, then these notifications are not sent. The notification sending channel is SMS.

It is used to control the working hours of employees and prevent the loss of customers in time.

Configuring and editing 

1. In the main menu go to the Settings — System settings — Notifications section and open the Types of notifications tab.

2. In the Administrator notifications section select Imminent end of work schedule and click Edit (the pencil button).


3. Enable the notification by checking the box.

4. Click the Save button.