Online booking widgets

When online booking settings are successfully completed, create the online booking widgets. 

What is it and what is it for?


The word “widget” means a small application program. Many sites use widgets to improve their interface and create maximum comfort user experience.

The Altegio online booking widget is a fill-out link form where clients can choose a convenient date and time, employee, and/or service. The online booking widget can be set on the site and in social networks, its appearance is easily customized and adjusted to the needs of the company.


Setup and Editing

To add a new online booking link, go to the Online booking section and click either General link or Employee link button. Read a more detailed description here.

To edit information in online booking link, click on its name or the Set up button on the right. In the newly opened window make the necessary changes and click the Save button. To delete the link, click the Delete  button.  If you want to preview your online booking widget, simply click on the preferred link under the Link title.

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