Creating an online widget for the chain

Online booking widgets can be configured for individual organizations as well as for chains with multiple branches. Read more about the chain interface here

A chain widget will allow the user to select the required location in the first step of the online booking.


New form

Go to the main menu in the section Online booking > Online booking widget.

To add a new online booking form, click the Add a form button. 


1. Indicate the Name, for example, the name of the chain.

2. Specify a Description. There are explanations given, for example, which site, chain or branch this form is used for.

3. Check the box if you want to use this booking form by default.

4. Select the chain this booking form belongs to.

5. Select the default language.

6. Choose the type of map (Google maps) where location marks will be displayed.

7. In the end, be sure to click the Save button. 



To edit information about an online booking form, click its name or use the Edit Screenshot_3.pngbutton. In the newly opened window, make the necessary changes and click the Save button. To delete the form, click the Delete Screenshot_20.png button. Use the Preview Screenshot_19.pngbutton to see how the online booking widget will appear on the site.