Online booking setup and options

Your clients can easily book your services at their preferred time and with their preferred employee through an online booking system on your website, social media channels, Google Maps, and other platforms.

Setting up online booking is simple and can be done by accessing the "Online booking" > "Online booking widget" section. Here, you can create an online booking form that fits your needs, whether it be for your entire company, specific services, or specific specialists. This way you can customize the forms to your liking and make booking a breeze for your clients.

How to create an online booking form

1. From the main menu go to the "Online booking" > "Online booking widget" section.


2. Click the Add a form button.

3. Fill in the "Name" and "Description" fields, which are only visible to Altegio internal users.

4. Check the "Main Form" box to use this form for online venues and as the Chain online booking form.

5. Specify the chain if you want to create a chain-type form that will include multiple locations. However, if the form pertains to a single location without online sales, specifying the chain is not necessary.

6. Select the default language for the booking form.

7. Click the "Save" button to complete the process.

Upon completion, a booking form in the new design will be created. However, if you have online sales set up, you will need to temporarily disable the new design for the widget and make necessary edits. This is because online sales are currently only available in the classic design, but will be available in the new design in the future.

For further information on booking widget settings, refer to the section "Configuration" in the related article.

You can copy the link to your online booking form in the “Link” section and share it manually on social media or instant messaging platforms.

Online booking setup advantages

Altegio provides ample opportunities for customizing online bookings to match your company's unique needs. With Altegio you can:


Arrange the order of booking steps to display.

• Personalize the design of the booking widget, including setting primary colors.

• Modify the widget to fit your needs with script injection: hide buttons inside the widget, hide the price or duration of services, change the standard name of buttons or sections, etc. (consult your manager in the "Overview" > "Summary" section).

Customize the appearance of the "Book Online" button on your site.

• Track customer behavior with analytics.

For advanced settings such as mandatory fields, skipping specialist selection, phone number verification, and more, refer to the related article for information.