Medical card

Altegio enables you to manage a patient's medical record directly within the platform. This feature supports a broad spectrum of medical-related businesses. The types of businesses within the medical field that can benefit from this functionality include:

• Medical Centers
• Dentistry Practices
• Veterinary Clinics
• Psychotherapy and Psychology Services
• Alternative Medicine Providers
• Hospitals
• General Clinics
• Laboratories for Medical Analyses
• Diagnostic Centers
• Women's Health Consultations
• Other Medical Services

Managing a patient's medical record

Upon a patient's initial visit, it's essential to complete the cover page of their medical record. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Access the patient’s visit details in the Appointment Calendar and navigate to the "Medical card" section.

2. Fill in the required fields.

3. Click “Save”. The completed medical record page is saved with the patient's medical record within the visit. To print or save it on your device click the “Print” button. On the page that opens, set your printing preferences, then you can either save the file in PDF format or proceed to print it directly.

You can view or edit a medical record only within a patient visit.

Access rights management

To start working with the "Medical card," it's crucial to assign the appropriate access rights to users. Follow these steps to set up access:
• Navigate to Settings > System settings > Users.
• Select the desired user by clicking on their name, then proceed to the "Access rights" tab.
In the "Medical documents" section, enable the "Medical records" - "View" permission.

Additionally, grant permissions for printing and editing as needed. Ensure to click "Save" at the bottom to apply the changes.