Implementation of a plan

You can indicate a monthly revenue plan for each location.

To do this, go to the Settings > Plans chain section and specify the numbers in each month field for the Turnover plan type. The information will be saved automatically.


In order to monitor the implementation of the plan, go to the Analytics > Implementation of a plan chain section. 


Meaning of the report indicators:

  • Total Revenue, $ — revenue of the location for the selected month.
  • Plan for the period, $ — planned revenue for the selected month, which was indicated in the Plans chain section.
  • Percentage of completion of the plan for the month, % — what percentage of the revenue plan was completed in the selected month.
  • Number of days worked — number of days in the selected month.

Analysis of the complection of the average daily plan

  • Average daily revenue fact, $ — average revenue per day in the selected month
  • Plan per day, $ — planned amount of revenue divided by the number of days in the selected month
  • Percentage of completion, % — what percentage of the plan for the average daily revenue was completed in the selected month 


  • Total, $ — remaining amount to fulfill the revenue plan
  • Days — remaining number of days until the end of the selected month
  • Per day, $ — amount of the revenue the location should produce per day to fulfill the plan by the end of the month
  • Underfulfillment per day, $ — amount of underfulfillment of the daily plan
  • Prediction for the month based on the average daily fact, $ — projected monthly revenue in the selected month. It is formed on the basis of daily revenue.
  • Projected overfulfillment (underfulfillment) of the plan, $ — projected underfulfillment/overfulfillment of the plan in the selected month. It is formed on the basis of daily revenue.

NB! If the monthly revenue plan is overfulfilled, the amount in some columns will be negative (for example, Underfulfillment of the plan).