Promotions report

With the help of the report, you can analyze how promotions work for this location, and adjust the settings if necessary. The report will help you to find out how many new customers the promotion attracts and how many of them become regular. 

You can also analyze whether it is possible to return old customers who have not visited the location for a long time.

How to use the report? 

To use the report, you need to have the Analytics access right. In the main menu go to the Analytics > Reports > Promotions section. 

  • Select the type of promotion.
  • Specify the analyzed period of the promotion.

The Number of clients section will display new and old customers who came for the promotion during the selected period.


You can download a list of clients who did not return after the promotion, clicking Download as Excel. To receive the downloaded file, a user needs the next access right - "Show phone numbers and email in customer list".

The downloaded file will contain the following information:

  • Client name.
  • Phone number.
  • Email.
  • Date of registration.
  • Date of last visit.
  • Total paid for the promotion. 
  • Balance of personal account.

The Earnings section displays earnings from customers who made visits and purchased products for the analyzed promotion, as well as the total amount of revenue received from these customers for any repeated visits to the location.


In the Work of specialists section you can see information on how many clients received services for the promotion from each specialist, and how many of them came to the location again.


Technical features:

  • In the current iteration, analytics can be received only for the following types of promotions: Fixed discount, Fixed cashback (sold), Fixed cashback (paid).
  • The first graph in the Number of clients section displays customer visits to the location. If the same customer came twice during the selected period, there will be 2 columns on the graph, but it will be counted as one customer in the data on the right.
  • If the client visits two specialists within the promotion visit, then it will be displayed for both of them in the Work of specialists table.
  • Earnings include all financial transactions (visit or sales of products).
  • Downloading list of non-returners is available only if you have the access right to Show phone numbers and email in the list of clients in the Client Database section. If there is no such right, the downloading is not available in this report, since there could be a purpose of downloading to get the contact details of non-returners and work with them using the Client database.