Altegio Online booking on Google Maps

There is an opportunity appeared to book an appointment online on maps and in Google search.

Altegio became the partner of the Book via Google service.

  • Booking is performed in Google without redirecting to other sites.
  • Appoinments automatically transferred to Altegio.
  • Only for business spheres as Beauty, Sports and Auto.



1. Go to the Integrations > Online booking, select Google Maps integration and click Connect.


2. Select your organization and click Continue.

  • If another organization is displayed, make sure that the company name and address match in Altegio and Google Maps.
  • If you haven't created an organization on Google Maps yet, then create an organization by clicking the appropriate link.

3. Check the data, if everything is correct, then click Continue. If there are any differences - click Synchronize data.

4. Check the employees with no schedule, click the employee to add his schedule in the employee card. Then Update the data and click Continue.

5. Check the services and as well as with employees, add employees providing these services to the schedule.

  • Also check the service settings in the section Settings > Services. Click the service name, in the Main settings tab the price has to be indicated (1$ minimum) and in the Online booking tab the description field has to be filled in.
  • Note that Google Maps disallows numbered lists in service names. Avoid starting names with numbers (e.g., "1 Nail," "2 Nails")

Click Update the data and Activate the integration.

6. Integration is connected, now in Integrations > Online booking > Google Maps you can check booking statistics, average check for the period and reviews from the company card on Google Maps.

To disable integration, click the Disconnect button in the upper right corner.

Note: The information is updated once a day, so after the integration is activated, the button Online booking will not appear at once.

List of countries where the "Book via Google" functionality is available.