Customer retention and Returning customers

Returning customers

The Returning customers indicator takes into account the entire previous period and does not depend on the specified period of customer loss. The client visit could have been a month or a year ago.The Returning customers indicator is not used in calculating the Customer retention rate.

Customer retention

Customer retention rate is the percentage of those customers who made visits during the specified previous period (the loss period, which is indicated in the Analytics – Settings – Retention section) and returned during the current one. The previous period is always prior to the date of the current period (see more in the article – Setting the customer loss period).

Example of calculating the Customer retention rate:

If there were 100 clients during the previous period, and 20 of them returned during the current period, then the customer retention rate is 20%.


1. Statistics is generated only for bookings with the Arrived status in the selected period.

2. The Customer retention values are always rounded off (discrepancies by tenths of a percent). For example, if 53 out of 110 customers returned, the percentage would be rounded from 48.18% to 48%.

3. To understand how many customers returned after they became lost, it is necessary to multiply the Customer retention rate by the number of customers in the previous period and round off the value.

4. The Customer retention rate differs from the Repeated visits indicator (read more in the article).

5. The Customer retention rate differs from the Returning customers indicator.