By staff report

What is it and what is it for?

The Analytics > Reports > By staff section displays how much employees earn for a certain period of time and by what indicators.


Statistics is generated only for bookings with the Arrived status.

The report contains the following information:

  • Employee
  • Earnings
  • Amount of services provided
  • Quantity of services provided
  • Amount of sold products
  • Quantity of sold products 
  • Loyalty payment amounts (discounts, points, memberships, gift cards)
  • Future bookings
  • Hours worked
  • Cost per hour of work (revenue divided by hours of work)
  • Percentage of the total revenue

How to use the report?

To generate a report, go to the Analytics > Reports > By staff section. Filter the list by the required items and click the Show button.

Filters that can be used in the report:

  • Period
  • Services and service categories
  • Products and product categories
  • Positions

Thus you can check, for example, a revenue report for a specific service.


In the % of the total revenue column, you can open a data chart that displays daily revenue of the employee. To do this, click the mceclip0.png button on the right.

If necessary, the report can be downloaded as Excel.