Overview > Events

The Overview – Events section contains information about all events (group bookings) that were created in Altegio. They include events created by any users (who has the right to create one), bookings of any status, as well as deleted ones. 

The section contains following information:

  • employee who provided the service
  • service for which there was booking 
  • event date
  • information about the capacity
  • number of bookings for the event
  • number of arrived clients
  • information about fully paid bookings within the event
  • amount 
  • which employee created the event
  • duration of the event


All bookings data can be revised separately due to the convenient filter options:

  • Period
  • Employees
  • Services
  • Service categories
  • All events/canceled/not canceled

Filter the list by the required items and click Show.

The data in the Service column is presented as clickable links. Click the link with the name of the service to go to the event card.

Each event can be edited and/or deleted. Select the required events for deleting (check boxes), the Delete selected button will be active, click it. The events will be deleted from the appointment calendar, and in the Overview > Events section the row with the event data will change color to pink.