Overview > Calls

The Overview – Calls section contains information about all calls that were made during a certain period. To listen to the call, follow the link Link to the recording. Conversation recordings are stored for 1 year.


The call report includes the following data:

  • Date and time of the call
  • Number
  • Duration
  • Agent
  • Link to the conversation recording

The calls report can be downloaded as Excel.

Please note that in order to receive call data, you need to configure integration with IP telephony (virtual PBX and SIP). To connect integration, contact Altegio automation specialists.

In addition to conversations recording, integration with IP telephony opens up many additional features that help improve customer service:

  • When a customer makes an incoming call, you will see the name and phone number in the bottom left corner of Altegio thanks to which you will be able to greet customers by name. It will be much easier to make an appointment for a regular customer. You can also quickly go to the client's card, where the visits history, preferences and the status of loyalty program are available, which will help you quickly navigate and sell additional services.
  • If the subscriber is not in the client database, you will only see the phone number. When making an appointment, the phone number will be already indicated in the appointment window and it will not need to be filled in again.
  • The number is not attached to the address, you can receive calls anywhere: on a mobile or desktop phone.
  • Offer customers a callback if they are waiting for a response for a long time or connect the call to another employee.